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+33 2 32 74 34 34 - 27 Quai Casimir Delavigne, Le Havre

Our Group

Established in 1977, TRAMAR is a world-renowned international transport and logistics company based in Le Havre, France.

As a service provider of integrated logistics solutions, TRAMAR manages the transportation, handling, and storage of a vast array of products, including oversized heavy equipment, perishable goods, and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG). An activity contributing to its reputation since it is the only French member of the Project Professionals Group (PPG) network providing worldwide high quality know-how in handling oversized, heavy, and specialised cargo. For further information visit:

In order to expand its expertise and meet the specific requirements of certain business sectors, TRAMAR operates a number of subsidiaries. In addition to its head office in Le Havre, the Group maintains offices in Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle and on the Le Havre quay (BLD International for warehousing). This strategic positioning affords its clients a wider range of solutions and a high level of responsiveness.

The key to TRAMAR’s success? Having developed a global network of trusted partners combined with the latest in online information technology services. TRAMAR serves as a strategic logistics partner for its import and export clients enabling them to improve their competitiveness.

Key dates


Creation of Tramar S.A.T.C.


Creation of Tramar S.A.


Acquisition of the Société des Receveurs de Café (S.R.C)


Creation of B.L.D International Logistics for warehouse management


Establishment of BLD International Logistics China


B.L.D International Logistics purchases 25,000 m² of warehouse space out of a total of 40,000 m²


Acquisition of a stake in Logiyonne


Creation of Financière TRAMAR


Disposal of Logiyonne’s equity interests


EasytramBrexit patent filing

Key figures

The Group

  • 130 employees
  • Represented in 190 countries in 515 ports and airports
  • Four specialised offices and subsidiaries in Le Havre and Roissy CDG 
  • €52M in revenue in 2021
  • 4,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU) managed FOB in 2021 
  • 13,000 customs declarations processed in 2021
  • 99.99% customs performance (KPIs)

Logistics warehouses

In Le Havre

  • 40,000 m² of secured bonded warehouse space
  • 60,000 m² of outdoor storage

Road transport

  • 80 loads chartered daily
  • 40 trucks per day (180 lots) received, loaded, and unloaded per day
  • 300 destinations


  • A specially dedicated 12,000 m² warehouse
  • With a storage capacity of 160,000 bags of coffee
  • An average of 50,000 tonnes processed annually

Certifications and approvals

  • Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) label (no. 190) obtained in 2009
  • Daily activities are based on NS-ISO 9001:2000. 
  • Coffee warehouses are certified as European Community Free Zone” benefiting from “LIFFE/ICE” approval

Resources commensurate with your requirements

As a transport and logistics specialist, TRAMAR offers highly efficient, secure facilities, providing a range of solutions and services to match your requirements. Thanks to our network of reliable and competitive long-standing partners, we ensure the best services at the best cost.

Extensive logistics warehouses

Just a stone’s throw from the port terminals, we operate over 40,000 m2 of secure bonded warehouses. We can provide you with real time access to your stock levels and the status of various orders in progress.

We also have the possibility of storing your goods outside in a surface area of more than 60,000 m2 at a reduced cost.

High-performance information technology systems

Our information system is designed to provide real-time data and adapt to our clients’ needs.

To this end, we set up universal IT solutions ensuring a customised collaborative relationship with our clients, with whom our systems can be fully interfaced.

  • Real-time information sharing
  • Secure exchange of private information

All our operating and accounting programmes are run as Application Service Providers (ASP).

    Reliable long-standing partners

    Since its inception, TRAMAR has been able to create and maintain privileged relationships with the main players in the freight forwarding world.

    Thus, we can guarantee you the best services at the best cost thanks to the reliability and seriousness that have earned us our reputation today.

    Resources at the service of safety and security

    The TRAMAR Group places great emphasis on operational safety and security. All of our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) information is saved by the hour, day, month, and year on two remote sites with a back-up room of 80 terminals. This computerised procedure affords our clients peace of mind as regards the monitoring and processing of their files.

    Our values

    Charte éthique
    Transport aérien
    Transport routier

    TRAMAR bases its business philosophy on strong values, placing client relations and satisfaction at the heart of its approach.  

    • Expertise: Since 1977, our teams have been devising and deploying effective, tailor-made solutions, turning TRAMAR into a key player in the world of transport and logistics, serving to improve companies’ performance.

    • Commitment: Engaged in your specific concerns, our expert agents are dedicated to providing you with a unique client experience thanks to personalised service, adapted to your needs.

    • Flexibility: Confronted with the many changes and new requirements of our business, TRAMAR shows considerable agility by adapting and offering innovative solutions.

    • Proximity: Proximity in two respects! With our agents and your goods. You are assigned a single point of contact, dedicated to coordinating and optimising your logistics, as well as full visibility of your supply chain.

    • Reactivity: By integrating the information flows of all the players in the supply chain, we can be very responsive in managing and taking operational decisions.

    • Versatility: Our teams adapt to your needs and constraints offering you the best services at the best cost.