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+33 2 32 74 34 34 - 27 Quai Casimir Delavigne, Le Havre

Tramar B.L.D International Logistics

BLD International Logistics, a 100% subsidiary of the TRAMAR Group, is ISO 9001 certified and operates throughout the entire logistics chain. It runs a 42,000 m² warehouse in Le Havre, the leading French port.

BLD meets all the demands and constraints of its clients through the use of high-performance technical and IT tools, offering you a complete overview of operations.

A wide range of logistical solutions are thus available to you:


Packing / unpacking of containers

Maritime groupage for optimising client flows, transport time, and costs.

Crating & securing to provide stability of goods inside a container

Inspection / quality control of goods upon arrival and departure in accordance with international sampling standards or client specifications

Sorting / marking / repacking

Order processing, piece picking / co-packing to the clients’ distribution platforms or final delivery, from the shop to the consumer

Gestion logistique

Warehouse management & logistics services

  • Bonded warehousing to facilitate and streamline customs clearance: cash position savings, non-payment of customs duties and VAT, non-application of trade policy measures if goods are re-exported to a third country, and handling
  • Cross-docking operations
  • Inventory management
  • Alcohol accounting management
  • On-site client solutions
  • Research & Project Consulting
  • 3PL to 5PL service
Distribution multimodale

Multimodal distribution in Europe

BLD operates a daily European distribution service by means of multimodal transport, integrating an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) delivery traceability system into the heart of its operations.

From shipping small parcels to express deliveries as well as full or partial truck chartering, BLD is able to accommodate all requests by offering tailor-made solutions.

Outils de haute technologie

State-of-the-art tools dedicated to information and flow management

Immediacy, reliability, and traceability are core to our operating policy in serving the client. This involves the use of high-tech computing tools:

  • Embedded terminals and barcode readers ensure that flows can be traced and that the precise position of a parcel or an operation is immediately known.
  • Logistics data is transmitted instantaneously by radio frequency, enabling BLD and its clients to remotely consult all stages of the goods flow in real time.

The client is provided all the necessary information to monitor their orders via the E-Entrepôt internet portal:

  • Consulting provisional inventories
  • Consulting and extracting physical and available stocks
  • Transmitting preparation orders

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