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Certifications and authorisations

Certifications and authorisations are at the heart of our activities, demonstrating the proficiency of:

    • The quality of our services

    • The security of our operations

    • The safety of our transport


    ISO 9001 Certification

    ISO 9001 is an international standard defining the requirements of a quality management system. Among other things, it contributes to:

    • Improving service quality

    • Controlling processes

    • Reducing waste

    • Motivating employees through a collective project

    • Dynamic communication

    • A genuine guarantee of reliability

    Obtained in 2000, the ISO 9001 certification confirms our commitment to quality.

    Statut Opérateur Economique Agréé

    Authorised Economic Operator status

    Obtained in 2009 (no. FR00000190) with a three-year renewal in 2016, the Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status reflects our international recognition as a safe and reliable business partner with a commitment to an EU label. After the September 11 attacks, at the request of the United States, the European Union decided to set up a Community risk analysis system for all goods entering and leaving its territory. Effective 1 July 2009, international trade operators are required to submit an entry and exit summary declaration including data deemed necessary for security risk analysis.

    Thus, AEO certification enables us to benefit from various advantages such as:

    • Priority processing of shipments in the event of an inspection

    • The choice of the inspection location

    • Easy access to simplified customs procedures

    • Simplification of formalities

    • IATA certification (International Air Transport Association), obtained in 1977, allows us to collaborate with all airlines.

    The International Air Transport Association (IATA) certification, obtained in 1977, entitles us to work with all airlines.

    This certification brings together most of the airlines established within the member countries of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Its purpose is to foster the commercial development of air transport worldwide.

    Every international agent is expected to pack and label goods correctly and to comply with all regulatory procedures. This certification affords many advantages for the agent as the exchange of information between IATA agents is made easier.

    The agent can thus:

    • Be included in lists published by the IATA

    • Issue Air Waybills (AWB)

    • Receive a 5% commission on the amount of the transport and on the declaration of value

    • Participate in the Cargo Account Settlement Systems (CASS)

    Agrément ICE

    ICE certification

    The InterContinental Exchange (ICE), formerly the London Stock Exchange’s futures market, is now the international market for futures and options trading.

    It is one of the largest derivatives markets in Europe and the second largest derivatives market in the world in terms of trade value.
    It provides access to a single trading platform.

    At TRAMAR, this certification was issued to the Green Coffee Department, connected to the Guardian computer system.

    It enables storing ICE-approved coffee lots in the 12,000 m² warehouse of the Société des Receveurs de Café.

    This certification enables us to store and distribute any product, whether packaged or in bulk.

    Certification pétrochimie

    Petrochemical certifications

    Thanks to its 30 years of experience in the petrochemical sector, TRAMAR stands out as an expert in the chartering of petroleum products.

    As a result, with teams that are qualified and skilled in this field, along with its expertise in hazardous products, the Group is certified by the customs authorities for petroleum products.