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Logo Tramar
+33 2 32 74 34 34 - 27 Quai Casimir Delavigne, Le Havre

Tramar S.R.C

As an expert in the reception and forwarding of coffee in France, the Société des Receveurs de Café (S.R.C.) specialises in the storage of Fair Trade food and organic products.

Supported by a competent and knowledgeable team, the S.R.C. divides its activity into three main areas:

Gestion logistique

A storage capacity of 12,000 m² for 160,000 bags of coffee

Built in 2005, the S.R.C. warehouse is designed for mass storage. 50,000 tonnes of coffee pass through the warehouse every year.

It is the first warehouse in Europe to be awarded the “European Free Trade Zone” label, and is also approved by the London LIFFE futures market for receiving and storing Robusta coffees.

Plus qu'un transitaire

A comprehensive handling offer

From collecting your containers at the port terminals to their unloading, storage, and reloading, S.R.C. provides all services according to your instructions.

Gestion logistique

A quality warehouse management system

S.R.C. is equipped with a management tool enabling it to monitor operations and manage inventory in real time.

Thanks to this system, transactions become more fluid and formalities are streamlined.

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