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+33 2 32 74 34 34 - 27 Quai Casimir Delavigne, Le Havre


Our subsidiary BLD International Logistics provides a wide range of logistical solutions in the field of e-commerce:

Gestion logistique

Our logistics solutions

  • Reception and quality control of your products

  • Pallet and shelf storage

  • Barcode-based inventory management

  • Preparation and dispatch of your client orders

  • Tracking of your orders

  • Managing your returns

  • Import of your e-commerce supplier orders

  • Import of your e-commerce client orders

  • Import of photos of your products by article sheet

  • Restocking alerts

  • Standard express delivery, guaranteed before 2pm the next day for orders placed before noon

  • Delivery within 48 hours against signature

  • Delivery within 48h/72h without signature

  • Customised delivery of non-standard, sensitive, and urgent items