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Our business

Maritime, air, road, and rail shipments, through our diverse range of core businesses, we adapt to your needs offering you tailor-made solutions.
Le maritime


International transport operator

From simple parcels to turnkey factories, our worldwide presence on the five continents enables us to handle your goods for both import and export. 

We organise and manage the transport and customs clearance of all types of goods from the supplier’s factory to the recipient, both in consolidated shipments in our own consoles and in full containers.

We provide the most suitable shipping solutions according to your needs:

  • Direct or Indirect Service
  • Conventional / consolidated / containers (Dry, Flat Rack, Reefer, Open Top) *
  • Customised consolidations
  • Cross Trade

* For more information on container specifications, click here

Individualised tracking for better responsiveness

Each of our clients is assigned a team member dedicated to managing their goods flows. From the point of departure to the point of reception of the goods, you always have the same contacts.

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Transport aérien

Air transport

The resources of a multinational with the flexibility of an SME

Reactivity is the key word in air transport.

Through anticipation, flexibility, and efficiency, our team implements personalised solutions adapted to your specific needs.

With the support of our TRAMAR AIR TRANSIT subsidiary based directly in the freight zone at Roissy CDG along with our worldwide network of agents, we manage the “door to door” handling of your Import – Export – Cross trade air shipments.

A single point of contact throughout the entire chain

In order to optimise the client relationship, you will be assigned a single point of contact throughout the entire process.

  • Chartering of complete aircraft / Groupage lots on regular routes
  • Customs clearance
  • Handling / Delivery / Distribution / Logistics

TRAMAR TRANSIT AERIAL, ensures responsiveness at all times, managed by a human-sized structure.

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Transport routier


A la carte services

Through its subsidiary BLD International Logistics, TRAMAR offers you a wide range of services from loading trucks to delivering products, including receiving goods, temporary storage, as well as unloading.

BLD International Logistics can tailor its services to your specific requirements, offering you appropriate transport solutions: by the box, by the pallet, or by the full truckload.

Optimised traceability serving the client

Track the routing of your parcels using our high-tech tools linked by electronic data interchange (EDI) to enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Some key figures

  • 80 loads chartered daily
  • 40 trucks per day (180 lots) received, loaded, and unloaded per day
  • 300 destinations

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Le fluvial


Since 2020, in particular to address the health crisis and market inflation,

TRAMAR is developing its rail freight service originating from Asia.

This attractive, reliable, alternative solution to traditional maritime transport is also less polluting, less dangerous, and faster.

Some key figures

  • 400 TEUs handled by railway via the Silk Road in 2021
  • Less than 30 days transit time

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La logistique


Logistics is another of TRAMAR’s key activities managed by our specialised subsidiary, BLD International Logistics.

Certified ISO 9001, it operates a 42,000m² warehouse where it handles the entire logistics chain.

Value-added services from 3PL to 5PL

Handling / logistics operations:

  • Packing / unpacking of containers
  • Maritime groupage
  • Crating & securing
  • Inspection / quality control
  • Sorting / marking / repacking
  • Packing / co-packing

Warehouse management and related services:

  • Bonded warehouse
  • Cross-docking operations
  • Comprehensive inventory management
  • Alcohol accounting management
  • On-site client solutions
  • Research & Project Consulting


BLD International Logistics also provides a daily European distribution service by means of multimodal transport. 

From the forwarding of small parcels to the chartering of full or partial trucks and express delivery, our logistics subsidiary tailors its solutions to your specific requirements.

Information efficiency lies at the heart of client service

The subsidiary’s quality of service relies on the use of advanced tools enabling the instantaneous exchange of computerised data between BLD and its clients. These high-tech tools enable optimising the flow of information:

  • Embedded terminals and barcode scanners enable the precise tracking of parcels, thus ensuring flawless traceability.
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) electronic data interchange (EDI) enable the instant transmission of logistical information to the BDL International Logistics warehouse management system (WMS) and to the clients’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. In this way, the client is kept informed throughout the entire order process, step by step.

The e.Entrepot internet portal delivers an instantaneous view of goods flows by enabling:

  • Consulting provisional inventories
  • Consulting and extracting physical and available stocks
  • Transmitting preparation orders
  • Consulting the progress of client orders

TRAMAR makes it its business to offer you logistics services synonymous with SPEED, RELIABILITY, AND TRACEABILITY. 

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Plus qu'un transitaire


TRAMAR, a customs-approved freight forwarder

Staffed by an expert, proactive team of qualified customs brokers, the Group’s customs department offers solutions tailored to your specific profile.

We accompany and advise you through each and every customs procedure and import or export clearance formality.

We provide ongoing monitoring, keeping you informed of changes in regulations relating to your sector of activity and your products.

Some key figures

  • 13,000 customs declarations processed in 2021
  • 99.99% customs performance (KPIs)

Customs clearance of petroleum products

Thanks to our specific petrochemical clearance authorisation, we are able to process any petroleum product through customs.

Our team of experts in customs formalities is ready to assist you with all customs services, such as:

  • Processing of your import and export customs clearance operations.
  • Trade in Goods Declaration (TIG) and European Services Declaration (ESD)
  • Committage service for physical checks by customs, veterinary, and fraud control authorities
  • Regulatory oversight for your products
  • Advice on customs regulations and procedures
  • One-off tax agent
  • Assistance with tax representation
  • Procedures involving the various authorities for products subject to sanitary and phytosanitary controls
  • Tariff classification of your goods
  • Economic procedures: inward processing, temporary acceptance, outward processing, management of removal credits