Tramar S.R.C

As France’s leading coffee receiver and forwarder, the Société des Receveurs de Café (SRC) specializes in warehousing foodstuffs and organic goods.
Through its qualified, experienced team, SRC offers three main services:


A 12,000 sq. m. warehouse with a storage capacity of 160,000 sacks of coffee

Built in 2005, the SRC warehouse is particularly suited to mass storage, and each year, some 50,000 tonnes of coffee transit through it.

The warehouse is Europe’s first with the “Zone Franche Communautaire” label. It is also certified by the London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE) to receive and store robusta coffee.


Complete handling

From receiving your containers at port terminals to unpacking, storing, and reloading goods, the SRC performs all services following customer instructions.


A quality warehouse management system

Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) linked to the Freedom Series suite makes it possible to track operations and stock management in real time.

Operations are performed smoothly and formalities are dispensed with faster.

The subsidiary is accredited to store organic and fair trade goods.


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