Tramar B.L.D International Logistics

BLD International Logistics is certified ISO 9001-certified and a fully-owned subsidiary of Tramar Group. It operates at all levels of the logistics chain and owns a 42,000-square metre warehouse in Le Havre (France’s largest port).

BLD meets all customer needs and constraints by leveraging its powerful equipment and computer tools, WMS, TMS and EDI in conjunction with customer ERP.



  • Container packing/unpacking: Our teams are involved in container loading (packing) and emptying (unpacking).
  • Ocean consolidation: Involves packing several batches of goods from different customers into the same container. It optimizes customer flows, transit time, and costs.
  • Dunnage & lashing: Ensures that loads are stable within the container using different methods, such as inflatable dunnage bags or straps.
  • Inspection / quality controls: To ensure the security of your goods visual and functional checks are performed at arrival and departure in accordance with international sampling standards or customer specifications.
  • Sorting / marking / secondary packaging: Our teams can perform specific operations inherent to logistical flows like sorting, marking and secondary packaging.
  • Order preparation, unit picking / co-packing: BLD can prepare orders destined for customer distribution platforms or for final delivery to the destination point of sale or individual.


Warehouse management and logistical services

  • Bonded warehouse: BLD’s bonded warehouse improves cash flow and dispenses with customs duties, VAT, and trade policies when goods are re-exported to a third country. We also can perform handling operations in the warehouse and optimize and simplify customs clearance.
  • Cross-docking
  • Inventory management
  • Alcohol accounting management for excise duties
  • On-site customer solutions
  • Research & project consulting
  • 3PL to 5PL services: BLD handles 3PL to 5PL, which involves several service levels for value-added services.


Multimodal distribution throughout Europe

BLD offers daily multimodal transport to the rest of Europe by incorporating an EDI delivery tracking system at the core of its business (see below). Whether shipping small packages, express deliveries, or LTL or FTL freight, BLD adapts to its customers’ specific demands by offering tailored solutions.


High-technology tools to optimize information and flows

Instantaneous, reliable and traceable: those are the words that best describe the operating policy at the core of our customer service. We achieve these goals by using powerful computer tools:

  • Embedded terminals and barcode readers ensure traceability of flows from reception to shipping. We can determine the precise location of a package or the status of an action at any time.
  • Logistical data is instantly radioed to BLD’s WMS and to the customer’s ERP via EDI. This makes it possible to remotely consult data in real time at all steps of flows.

The customer is given all the information needed to track orders through our web tool: E-Entrepôt.

This portal makes it possible to:

  • Check provisional inventories
  • View and print reports about physical and available inventories
  • Transmit preparation orders
  • Check the status of customer


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