Spacious logistical warehouses

We have over 40,000 square metres of secure bonded warehouses in the immediate vicinity of port terminals, offering you real-time access to the status of your inventories and of any orders in progress.

We also offer over 60,000 square metres of outside storage space for you to stock your goods more economically.


High-performance computer tools

The Group’s information system is designed to inform our customers and adapt to their needs in real time.

To this end we have set up universal IT solutions to foster a customized working relationship with our customers. Our systems can be totally interfaced.

Our Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers all our customers two main benefits:

  • Real-time information sharing
  • Secure data exchange for confidential data

All our operating and accounting systems are managed by an Application Service Provider (ASP).


Reliable, long-standing partnerships

Tramar has a longstanding legacy of forging and maintaining close relationships with leading freight forwarding players.

We guarantee you the best services at the best prices without comprising on what we’re known for: reliability and professionalism.


Data security and health and safety

All our EDI data are backed up hourly, daily, monthly and yearly on 80 computers spread over two remote sites. Enjoy the resulting reassurance concerning order tracking and processing.

Health and safety is a point of honour for our group.